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Making Efficient EMC Immunity and Emissions Measurements

The tips, tools and techniques to save time, money and frustration.

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Dearborn Tech Tour
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Sponsored by:
Rhode & Schwarz


Advance Program

On September 25, 2007  The Southeastern Michigan IEEE EMC Society Chapter


This FREE half-day course will consist of a three part technical seminar. The goal of the seminar presentations is to provide practical information for the EMC engineer, designer or technician to actually use on the job! Following the technical seminar, a reception with the speakers will be held. Demonstrations of the material presented will be conducted. Participants can informally meet with the speakers and view these hands on demonstrations that are designed to "drive home" the material presented. Heavy appetizers and refreshments will be served. A raffle will be held at the conclusion of the reception. Sponsored by the SE Michigan EMC Chapter, these door prizes are sure to be a winner! Drop your business card in the bowl on the registration desk and enter to win the raffle. You must be present to win, of course!

September 25, 2007

Check-in Time: 12:30 PM


Fairlane Campus - U of M Dearborn

(Map Code FCN)

University of Michigan
School of Management
Fairlane Center North - Room Quad E
19000 Hubbard Drive
Dearborn, MI 48126

Driving Directions

September 25, 2007 Schedule






Welcome by Dr. Shridhar, Chair of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Departments - U of M Dearborn



Characterize EMI Lab RF Cables, Connectors, and Accessories Using eBay and a Test Receiver - Lee Hill




EMI Measurements Using Time Domain (FFT) Based Test Instruments - Vic Hudson




3:15 3 Full Vehicle Testing: Making CISPR 12 and ISO 11451 Measurements in a Single Chamber - Dr. Vicente Rodriguez
Reception with heavy appetizers and refreshments



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Note: The scheduled times and order of speakers may be subject to change without advance notice.


Sessions will cover the following:

Abstracts: Dearborn, MI - September 25, 2007

Characterize EMI Lab RF Cables, Connectors, and Accessories Using eBay and a Test Receiver

Presenter: Lee Hill, SILENT

Many EMC engineers and technicians have and are familiar with using a spectrum analyzer with tracking generator. This presentation gives a hands-on demonstration of how to create a very sensitive, low cost measurement system for characterizing the performance of RF devices found in most EMC troubleshooting and test laboratories. This setup can be used to do nice “sanity checks” of RF equipment. We will use a portable test receiver/spectrum analyzer and tracking generator, together with a dual directional coupler purchased on ebay to demonstrate the usefulness of S11 “return loss” or “reflection loss” measurements. First, the principles of “through” or “insertion loss” measurements will be discussed and demonstrated. Second, the principles of return loss measurements will be discussed and demonstrated. A variety of common EMC test/debug laboratory RF devices such as RF series adapters, attenuators, probes, and antennas will be characterized with one or both of the two measurements. The main emphasis of the presentation will be a 50 ohm return loss measurement setup with a best case dynamic range of 40 dB. The characterization is done in the frequency domain to provide insight into the useful frequency range of a particular device. There will be a short tutorial on the advantages, disadvantages, and best use of insertion loss and return loss measurements.

EMI Measurements Using Time Domain (FFT) Based Test Instruments

Presenter: Vic Hudson, Rohde & Schwarz

This presentation will discuss EMI measurement systems with a focus on comparing and contrasting time domain/FFT and frequency domain based instruments. The pros and cons of each method including comparisons of timing, accuracy and the usability of the results each method produces will be addressed. The often asked questions, “Can FFT yield compliant measurements?” and “What are the considerations when using the statistical approximations of the quasi-peak and average detectors in FFT based systems?” will also be discussed.

Full Vehicle Testing: Making CISPR 12 and ISO 11451 Measurements in a Single Chamber

Presenter: Dr. Vicente Rodriguez, ETS-Lindgren

This presentation will begin with a discussion of CISPR 12 and ISO 11452 radiated emissions test requirements. A case study will then be presented describing how a single chamber was designed to meet the test requirements for both CISPR 12 whole vehicle testing, and ISO 11452 component testing.



Tech Tour Speakers include:

Lee HillLee Hill is an electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) engineer with over twenty years of industry experience in the design and retrofit of complex electronic systems. He is Founding Partner of SILENT, an independent consulting firm that specializes in EMC and RF design, troubleshooting and training. SILENT provides services to commercial and industrial manufacturers with global distribution including the consumer, computer, network and telecommunications, industrial, medical, scientific and automotive industries.



Vicente Rodríguez-PereyraDr. Vicente Rodríguez-Pereyra is an RF and Electromagnetics engineer with ETS-Lindgren. He serves as the Senior Principal Antenna Design Engineer in charge of the development of new antennas and improving the existing antenna line. Vince’s interests are Numerical Methods in Electromagnetics, especially when applied to antenna design and analysis. He is the author of more than twenty publications including journal and conference papers as well as book chapters. He also holds patents for hybrid absorber design and for a new dual ridge horn antenna design for EMC applications.



Vic HudsonVic Hudson has worked at Rohde & Schwarz as a Project Manager for seven years. He has been involved in EMC for nearly 12 years. Vic’s background includes application support, software development, system design, and equipment sales. Vic graduated with a BSEE from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale in 1985.





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You must complete this registration form on line by September 18, 2007 in order to secure your seat at this seminar. No registrations will be accepted at the door.  There is no charge to attend this seminar, but a completed registration form must be on file in order to be admitted to the seminar. Seating is limited; seating will be reserved on a first come, first served basis. NOTE: The speakers and program may be subject to change without prior notice.



Committee Co-Chair
Kimball Williams
Denso International America Inc

Committee Co-Chair
Dr. M. Shridhar
University of Michigan - Dearborn

Master of Ceremonies
Mark Steffka
University of Michigan - Dearborn

Proceedings & Arrangements
Rhonda Erickson

On Site Coordinator
Janet O'Neil

Tammy Hojat

Scott Lytle
Yazaki North America

Candace Suriano, PhD.
Suriano Solutions

Scott Scherbaty
Yazaki North America


The SE Michigan EMC Chapter is grateful for the support provided by Rohde & Schwarz, ETS-Lindgren, and Conformity Magazine for providing the technical experts, equipment to support the demonstrations, and for funding the printing of the program and catering during the seminar. Also, many thanks to Kimball Williams for lending his time and expertise to the technical program.   Last, but not least, our gratitude goes to the University of Michigan at Dearborn for providing the excellent conference facilities and for establishing an undergraduate course in EMC complemented by an on campus EMC laboratory.