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The Southeastern Michigan IEEE EMC Society presents:

ESD Behavior of Multi Layer Ceramic Capacitors


Speaker: Cyrous Rostamzadeh

Date: February 17, 2011

Time: 5:30 PM

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Location: Fairlane Campus - U of M Dearborn (Map Code FCN)

University of Michigan
School of Management
Fairlane Center
North - Room ~120
19000 Hubbard Drive
Dearborn, MI 48126

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The utilization of Multi Layered Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC) in small package geometries (0603), for the protection and mitigation of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) for the automotive printed circuit board application is of major concern.


MLCC geometries have diminished dramatically in the past decade. In addition, the cost benefit and economic merit of their use for the PCB connector area in highly congested modules (pin density in excess of 200) is attractive and cannot be easily avoided. Nonetheless, the EMC engineering community and experienced PCB design experts have only concentrated in various optimization of PCB mounting schemes, thus developing “EMC guidelines”. If the ESD protection of MLCC suffices to PCB mounting strategies or, capacitor value and its voltage rating, then you are for a big surprise. This presentation will provide you with the fascinating overview of the Pre-ESD versus Post-ESD behavior of MLCC devices. The physics of the mitigation device and its interaction to ESD phenomena is demonstrated. An appropriate electrical model for electrical behavior is provided to enable you to understand the physical damage. OEMs are increasingly interested in the parametric evaluation of the electronic modules post EMC/ESD testing, thus a category of alternative family of devices appropriate for ESD protection of the Human Body Model (HBM) is offered.





Cyrous Rostamzadeh is currently an EMC Technical Specialist at Robert Bosch LLC, Plymouth – Michigan, where he has implemented an EMC design and analysis process to facilitate product compliance at the lower cost. Since 1997 at Bosch, he is engaged in PCB and system level EMC robustness techniques and solutions. He is responsible to provide product design support and EMC interface to NA, Asian and European automotive market. During past 14 years at Bosch, he has played key role in the design, development of EMC and signal integrity solutions for global Bosch market.


Prior to joining Bosch, he was a senior EMC engineer at Ford Motor Company. His extensive research on load dump transient event resulted in identification of realistic waveform. His research has shaped the revised US EMC automotive standards. He was a core member of Ford EMC design and test process methodology team. In addition to Ford, he was a senior EMC engineer at General Motors Corporation. From 1989 – 1994 he was a senior electrical engineer at Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory (SSCL) Dallas, Texas. He was responsible for development and design of quench protection and detection electronics for superconducting magnets. His extensive research on utilization of ‘cold diodes’ and characterization under the influence of neutron flux at –273 0K as quench bypass switch, was successfully implemented at Fermi Labs and CERN. He was employed at National Semiconductor as analog engineer. He spent 3 years at Grunding Corporation as RF engineer.


Cyrous received a B.Sc. in Physics from Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London (England) and MS in Electrical Engineering. He is an associate of the Royal College of Science (UK). He participated at MIT during the summer of 1990 on the design and development of High Power SSCL Quench Bypass Switch. He received Particle Accelerator Physics training at Stanford University (1992). He is a senior IEEE member. He is a NARTE certified EMC and Product Safety Engineer. He is an active member of IEEE EMC TC-9 Computational Electromagnetics committee. He has given numerous EMC seminars and training courses to Bosch engineering associates. He has published extensively at IEEE EMC, IEEE PAC and URSI. Cyrous was an invited guest speaker at European Space Agency (ESA) Florence, Italy - March 2009.





Cyrous Rostamzadeh


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