S.E. Michigan IEEE Chapters VII VIII & IX: Technical Event 

Powering, Grounding and Protection Solutions for Sensitive
Electronic Process and Control Equipment

Thursday; January 11, 2007 at 5:30pm to 7:30pm, at
Edgewood Electric in Madison Heights

RSVP w/ Kevin Taylor, SEM-IEEE Chapter VII Incoming Chair
at k2356@aol.com, 586-573-0713

Edgewood Electric, Incorporated
  1225 Spartan Drive
  Madison Heights, MI 48071
    (248) 542-4500 

Presented By: Edgewood Electric, and John Waggoner of TEGG Corp.

This presentation will briefly cover Grounding and Bonding for Performance,
Internal/External Causes of Surges, Surge Mitigation Techniques, Harmonics
Effects and Solutions, Identifying Voltage Disturbances.

It is a source of good information for the, Engineer, Technician, who
work responsibities include the protection a electrical equipment, from the
common database PC to sensitive electronic measurement devices used in EMC
laboratories, Process Control, and many other Commerical & Industry

The presentation will be conducted by John H. Waggoner, Director of
Technical Training for TEGG Corporation.  Mr. Waggoner has broad
experience in electrical preventive maintenance and power quality
assurance. He is skilled in the use of both Energized and De-energized
test equipment. Mr. Waggoner is a Level 2 IR Thermographer and a
Certified Power Quality Professional (CPQ). John Waggoner has
performed as well as instructed in preventive maintenance techniques,
thermography, voltage disturbance testing, power conditioning, power
and grounding, and in the conduct/analysis of harmonics interaction
surveys. Mr. Waggoner has written and lectured widely in these fields.

Edgewood Electric, Inc. is an internationally recognized electrical
services company servicing Michigan. Edgewood is providing Complimentary
drinks and food.