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Meeting Notice

The Southeastern Michigan IEEE EMC Society presents:

New Advancements in Shielding Materials


Presented by: Gary Fenical, Laird Technologies

Date: Thursday, January 18, 2007

Time: 5:30 PM

Location: Fairlane Campus - U of M Dearborn (Map Code FCN)

University of Michigan
School of Management
Fairlane Center North - Room 110 - 111
19000 Hubbard Drive

Dearborn, MI 48126

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Please pre-register for this free event online at: then select "January" Registration Deadline: Noon on the day prior to the event.


Schedule of Events 

5:30 6:00 Pizza and Refreshments Sponsor: Laird Technologies

6:00  7:00 Technical Presentation
The Chapter Presentation is a FREE event. IEEE Non-Members Welcome!

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New Advancements in Shielding Materials


In keeping pace with the ongoing electronics boom, the wireless surge, increasing power levels and higher frequencies there is no doubt that advances in electronic components are occurring at a rapid pace. While consumers demand more advanced products with increased features and speed, engineers work to meet the requirements of the electronics marketplace. Many factors, such as increasing frequencies, miniaturization, heat, environmental issues and more have to be weighed before working on enhancements to computers, digital cameras, video game handsets, RFID systems, LASER readers and countless other consumer and commercial devices.


In order to equip the industry with the tools needed for the next wave of electronics devices, new electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding capabilities, for one, are being improved. The latest available products help companies to lower costs, reduce waste, increase airflow and install devices in small spaces, to name a few.


Shielding products, in general, have experienced numerous noteworthy changes over the years. The uses, properties and advantages of the new materials, as well as advanced EMI shielding product designs, are significant in the world of electronics. Recent advancements include:


  • High-performance, dent-resistant vent panels
  • High aspect ratio form-in-place (FiP)
  • Ultrasoft sculpted fabric-over-foam (FoF)
  • Conductive foam (CF)
  • Metal mold-in-place (MIP) combination gaskets
  • Recyclable Clean Copper RF Gaskets



The presentation will run about 60 minutes

Gary Fenical


Mr. Fenical is the EMC Technical Sales Representative at Laird Technologies, in Delaware Water Gap, PA and has been with the firm for 23 years. Mr. Fenical is a NARTE Certified EMC Engineer and a specialist in RF shielded enclosures and has been responsible for the design and/or measurement and quality control of hundreds of large-scale shielded enclosures as well as a number of shielded equipment cabinets and housings. He was instrumental in the design and construction of Laird Technologies' state-of-the-art World Compliance Centers. Mr. Fenical has authored many articles on EMC Requirements for Medical Devices, Mutual Recognition Agreements and Guidelines to meet the essential requirements if the EMC Directive. He has also authored several seminars on the EU EMC Directive, International Compliance, and Designing for EMC and EMC Requirements for Medical Devices which have been presented worldwide. He holds the patent for the invention of heat-treated beryllium-copper knitted wire mesh gasket.



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